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It has been the case in several cases for the diagnosis and subsequent treatment of erectile dysfunction, all that it took was a simple physical exam and reviewing the patient’s medical history. The need to have to go for further consultation and tests from a specialist will only be appropriate in those instances where the doctor suspects there to be an underlying condition responsible for the condition or in the case that there happens to be a chronic condition that a patient will be seen to be suffering from. The following are some of the tests that one will be advised to go for so as to get to know of any kind of underlying condition. One is a physical exam which will include a careful evaluation of the male genitalia and checking for the sensation of the nerves. The other test that one will be often facing as it is sought to establish a problem with ED is blood test and this is where blood samples will be taken so as to help check for traces of any of the common conditions related with ED such as low testosterone levels, diabetes, heart disease in a list of the other conditions known for leading to the problem with ED. Urinalysis is as well one other test that will be used and is quite effective for tracking diabetes and such other health conditions that may be so underlying. You may as well have to go for ultrasound tests in an effort to get to tell of any kind of underlying conditions resulting in ED. With the special device known as the transducer, the specialist conducting the test will be able to tell if at all there is a problem anyway with the blood vessels that are responsible for supplying blood to the concerned parts. Added to all these there will as well be a need to have a psychological examination of the patient. On these sessions your doctor will screen you with the intention to tell of any kind of psychological conditions such as depressions that are known for causing erectile dysfunction.

When it comes to treatment, the first thing that will be at a good treatment center for ED will be that the doctor will make sure that you will be in for the best treatment for any of the health conditions that could be responsible for the particular condition, ED. The treatment alternatives are as several and the one prescribed will be as per the severity of your Ed condition and the underlying conditions associated to it. At a good treatment center, the specialists will explain to you the benefits and the risks associated with the many alternatives and will advise you best as per your own preferences.

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