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Considerations for Selecting a Plantscaping Service

Plantscaping is an extraordinary science and art whose goal is to contribute to the usefulness and beauty of a space to make it more livable and attractive. And if this space is utilized for business, plantscaping can enhance your brand image, including your customers’ and employees’ health and overall satisfaction.

In most cases, your plantscaper would be an expert who takes care of the whole process, which includes creating a design, executing it and maintaining the desired result. This work requires a careful analysis of a site such that only the right plants go in the right spots or areas.

Plantscape designers should be masters of two dimensional design principles that form a huge part of art school basic studies. They select from a whole range of plant materials and containers to make various distinctive designs. Armed with pro horticultural knowledge, these designers make plant selections based on several factors, such as soil, light and moisture conditions, on top of ease of installation and care.

Transforming Business Spaces

In contrast to interior designers and architects, plantscapers work with plants for traffic flow management as well, both in homes and commercial properties. For instance, plantings can enhance the look of grand entryways, tame harsh corners or separate spaces. With a good planting, any space can look more inviting and “people-friendly.”

Interior plantscaping designers are pros when it comes to choosing and sourcing horticultural material that will survive in even the most unnatural indoor conditions. Even if the plants are likely tropical, they are generally chosen for their ability to survive in low humidity and low light conditions in most commercial structures.

Plantscaping Success Beyond Installation

This is where a group of plantscaping technicians come in handy. They are professionals in everything plants, from their growth process to their reactions to various environments and more. Plantscaping techs are your contractor’s main guys when it comes to carrying out your program (weekly pruning, watering, fertilizing, etc.)

No matter the weather, event or activity, these technicians ensure that plant installations stay fresh and healthy from day to day. Usually, this will also include rotating replacements for more delicate or colorful flowering plants, a service called “bloom rotation.

Significance of Exterior Plantscaping

In exterior plantscaping, all design and horticultural concerns apply as well. Outdoors though, how a planting bed or container is prepared will play a huge part in a design’s success or failure. Plantscaping professionals can use industrial grade containers made exactly for commercial uses. In general, this means selections of shapes and sizes, and lighter weight colorfast materials which the usual home gardener will not have access to.

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